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Hybrid Wedding Photography

I am in several photography clubs in the Seattle area so I’ve met a fair amount of photographers of all types. Many of them are wedding and portrait photographers so much of my inspiration comes from their work that comes across my Facebook newsfeed. Just in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen two different […]

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Dougmon Camera Support Review

Hey it’s the Dougmon! The Dougmon is a unique camera support system for filmmakers but is it right for a Hybrid Photographer? The Dougmon was created by a fella named Doug who wanted a camera support for shooting video that was quick to setup and affordable. To a still photographer the $599 price tag might […]

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Motocross with the Olympus OMD

I took a break from shooting food and went to a motocross race where I tested shooting fast moving motorcycles, both stills and video. I brought with me the Olympus OMD and my CBG-6 backpack full of lenses.  I ended up only using two lenses for the two hours of race shooting, the Olympus 45mm […]

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Amanda Coulter Part 2 – Brooklyn Rooftop

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when the gorgeous model Amanda Coulter showed up for her Brooklyn rooftop photo shoot. Continuing my exploration into the realm of hybrid artistry I wanted to do a short but sweet video of her along with the photos we were planning on shooting. SET UP Set up… or more […]

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Sony vs. Nikon and a bit of GH3

Really cool conversation going on from TWiP with Frederick Van Johnson and Trey Ratcliff. Check it out. I’m not a DSLR hater but rather a lover of all things that make a photographers shoot easier which means loosing that mirror! Via TWiP

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Hybrid Hangout Weekend with Paul’s Photo

Huge Hybrid Hangout Weekend at Paul’s Photo coming up. Get a chance to meet some of the leaders in hybrid photography, try out new gear and learn how to take your work to the next level. Watch the video for an overview then go reserve your spot for this free event. Hybrid Hangout Weekend with Paul’s […]

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Nick Nacca makes lighting move with Project Ink

San Diego based photographer Nick Nacca showcases his both his lighting skills and the beauty of body art in a personal project titled Project Ink. For this project Nick animated different lighting setups for the still photographs in post combining them with traditional interviews of those who have a close connection to their body art. […]

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