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Lumix 12-35mm vs Olympus 12-40mm

Olympus finally released a fast wide zoom, something I’ve been waiting a while for. Lumix has had the 12-35mm available since Spring, 2012. I sold all my DSLR gear when I got the Olympus OMD and couldn’t wait for Olympus to come out with a set of fast zooms so I went with the pair […]

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How can the Air Strap help a Hybrid Photographer’s Workflow?

A Camera Strap for the Hybrid Photographer Demand for support tools to help keep a hybrid photography workflow manageable is growing. Is the Air Strap by Custom SLR a tool to help the professional photographer? When shooting hybrid, photographers need to switch from still to motion capture quickly and easily. Keeping the pace of the shoot […]

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Fotodiox LED Panel – A Budget Lighting Solution

Throughout the past year I have been moving myself in a direction of becoming a Hybrid Photographer. First I switched from using Canon DSLRs to Micro Four-Thirds, which was one of the biggest changes I’ve made in the last few years of shooting professionally. Most recently, I have been investigating what is going to be […]

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EXCLUSIVE! Olympus OM-D E-M1 Hands On!

Have you ever had a big juicy secret that you were just dying to tell someone? If so then you will know why this first look article is such a relief for me to write! I am now allowed to present to you the new Olympus OM-D E-M1!! First Impressions: Ergonomics and Design It’s an […]

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Brand New Sling Bags from ThinkTank Photo

One of the most friendly bag companies to small cameras, Think Tank has announced 3 new sling bags with the ThinkTank Turnstyle 5, Turnstyle 10, and Turnstyle 20.  As a camera bag junkie, I am very happy with these brand new sling bags from ThinkTank Photo!  Like many bags these are marketed towards DSLR shooters, […]

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PEN E-P5 Hands On Review

I finally got my mitts on a new PEN E-P5 and decided that even after only 24 hrs with it I need to talk to the world about this incredible camera!! Form The design queues of the Olympus PEN E-P5 are in step with its predecessors in that they are reminiscent of the Olympus PEN […]

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Preserving Classic Americana With The Mini-Ruck Strap By Hold Fast

I’m typically a fan of high quality hand crafted items that are made in the United States, so when I found Hold Fast Gear based in the heart of the USA, who are making some great all leather, stylish camera accessories, I was very interested.  I had to take a look through their products and […]

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