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How a Fashion Photographer Uses the GH4 4K Footage

There’s lots of talk online about 4K footage. Some photographers have been using 4K footage for years with cameras like the Red while others (me included) have been waiting for a more affordable solution and found it in the GH4. Yet there are those that don’t understand how to use 4K footage so to help […]

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This week – Complete GH4 Hybrid Training in LA

If you’re in LA this is a killer opp. Some friends and I are going to be offering complete training on the GH4. Learn from Panasonic Tech Rep (and overall badass) Matt Frazier at Hot Rod the technical in’s and out’s of the GH4 while filmmaker and fellow Lumix Luminary, Dave Surber and I will share how […]

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Transitioning from DSLR to a Mirrorless Camera

I’ve always been intrigued by mirrorless cameras but never had the opportunity to shoot with one until recently.  I have been a Nikon shooter for about eight years and, in the past, if I have spare cash I spend it on more Nikon gear. Since my DSLR is so large, I rarely carry it with […]

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GH4 First Look – Full Res ISO, 4K Downloads

When it comes time for me to make my bread and butter with hybrid photography, my tool, up to this point, has been the GH3. I love this camera – it’s small, weather resistant, fast, and the image quality is spectacular. Everything about it is great. Because I shoot a lot of video and blend […]

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A Second Look at the Nocticron

Controversial to some, magical to others there’s no doubt that the Leica Nocticron is welcome addition to the high end of the M43 system. Reading about the lens online I see two types of people commenting – 1 – those who have used the lens/understand what it is 2 – those who have not used […]

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Events not to miss at WPPI

OMG I’m so amped for WPPI!  There’s lots of rad stuff going on there, some classic, some new skool. Below are the events not to miss at WPPI. All events listed are either official SCBP events or events from our friends like This Week in Photo, Unique Photo and Panasonic. Between the live events, free […]

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Panasonic GH3 Magazine Front Cover - Small Camera Big Picture

Panasonic GH3 Flying High – Cover Shoot

Hi folks, I recently had one of my photos published on the front cover of a national UK flying magazine and thought it would be nice to share some details on how I took the below shot and what / why I used the awesome Panasonic GH3 for it. Why the LUMIX GH3 over a […]

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