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Dress Your Camera for Wet Conditions

I really believe that it’s better to have rain protection and not need it than need it and not have it! That’s why for nearly all of my outdoor shoots, I bring my camera’s rain gear. I choose to use the Kata cover, the one in my vlog post is the E-690 PL; I use […]

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What’s in Your Wallet? Your Card Wallet That Is!

Shooting multi day sporting events means that I have to be ready for anything and super organized so that I don’t miss any of the action. Not too different from shooting weddings, corporate events or any location work. One way that I keep my work flowing without incident or accident is to have a system […]

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Why I’ll never loose my lens cap again

You’ve heard this before: “The best camera is the one you have with you”. Well that is true for me! For me it’s important to my inspiration and creativity to have a camera always with me. My tool of choice is the Lumix LX7. No, this post isn’t about the LX7, it’s about the fact […]

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Have your Compressed Video File (AVCHD) and Edit It as a MOV File

As I adjust to my awesome “small” camera system, I’m shooting more and more video. Storage becomes an issue as video files are large. So I use the AVCHD format that my Lumix GH3 offers because it has high quality while being very compressed and creating a relatively small file. The problem is that not […]

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Hybrid Photography Creation: The New Look of the Yearly Athlete Photo

As winter in Wisconsin bedecks herself in full seasonal regalia, I begin my annual checklist: Boots good to -30 degrees, thermal under garments, thermal layers, shooting mitten-gloves, hat, hand warmers – Check. Then it’s onto the gear: batteries charged, lenses attached, camera times synchronized, cameras preset for a good start, tripod plates in place, tripod […]

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Is the UNDFIND One System Camera Bag(s) Right for Micro 4/3?

After switching to micro 4/3 cameras, I found that the camera bag that I’d loved for the last 5+ years just wasn’t the right design. And as long as I needed to begin the quest for a new bag, I might as well look for everything that I want. My short list is this: 1. […]

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Great Place for Camera Gear

Having shopped (and made purchases at) several “Camera Superstores” I have found one that has something often missing from the online shopping experience – excellent customer service. My recommendation of Unique Photo is from my heart and my desire to share a great experience (several great experiences) with you. They did not pay me for […]

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