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FZ1000 Field Report by Rob Knight

#scbp  Reshared post from +Rob Knight I got to take the new LUMIX FZ1000 into the woods for a few days last month. Find out what I thought about this little (not really) powerhouse. Don't miss +Giulio Sciorio 's review over at +Small Camera Big Picture  #LUMIX   #lumixFZ1000   #review   #cameragear   #4k   […]

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 Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.6 RC for CC and CC 2014 Release Candidate

Support for the GH4 and FZ1000 #scbp   Embedded Link Download Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.6 RC for CC and CC 2014 Beta – Adobe Labs Download Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.4, which provides new camera and lens profile support for Camera Raw Users. View this post on Google+

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Today I'm leaving the GH4 in the bag and rocking the FZ1000

Having a solid balance of features for still photography, 4K video and a beast of a lens makes it easy to shoot while walking around in San Fransisco. I felt compelled to write up a fun, non technical review on SCBP I enjoy this camera so much. Check it http://www.smallcamerabigpicture.com/panasonic-lumix-fz1000-review/ #scbp #lumixlounge #lumixfz1000 View this […]

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TWiP 368 – A Future of Photography

Had a great time on TWiP with +Frederick Van Johnson and +Martin Bailey last week. If you've not seen this episode do check it out! Streamed live on Jul 7, 2014- Smart Glass could transform Smartphone cameras- New iOS app "Shutter" offers unlimited storage for free- And a discussion about the future of photography! #scbp   View […]

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Would you replace printed images with screens? Electric Objects thinks so.

Would you replace printed images with screens? Electric Objects thinks so. #scbp Reshared post from +The Verge Electric Objects is building a smart screen to bring beautiful internet art to your walls Electric Objects is making a big digital picture frame you’ll actually want on your wall The digital picture frame is a gadget that […]

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Panasonic GH4 Video Review by DSLR Video Shooter

Another excellent review on the game changing GH4, this time by DSLR Shooter. It's long but well worth the watch. They get into adapting lenses and the effects on the image. How do the Panasonic M43 lenses compare to DSLR lenses with adaptor? REVIEW INDEX:3:24 – Shooting 4K10:20 – Camera Features11:06 – Audio12:04 – Lenses19:18 […]

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Lumix GH4 Firmware v1.1 Update

From what I understand the lockups are due to cheeper U3 SD cards. Never go cheap when it comes to memory. Cheap can be expensive. #scbp   #lumixlounge   #lumixgh4   Reshared post from +LUMIX Cameras We released the Lumix GH4 v1.1 firmware update today. This update will help improve the stability in motion picture […]

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