Sign Up For a Free Beta of BulletProof- a Complete Offload, Prep, and Delivery Solution for Video Footage

Preparing and organizing camera footage for video editing can be a pain. With all the offloading, transcoding, color correction, and backing up of footage that takes place during a typical project, post-production workflows can get real messy and disorganized. That’s where the soon-to-be-released program BulletProof comes in.


Made by Red Giant, makers of the popular Magic Bullet suite (a suite of visual effects plugins for digital video), BulletProof claims to be a “Complete Offload, Prep, and Delivery Solution that bridges the gap, with a workflow that simplifies how you handle footage every day.”

Here is a list of services BulletProof will offer (pulled directly from their website):

BACKUP- Offload your files: Select clips from cameras/cards, then import into a catalog with backup.

ORGANIZE- Organize Your Files: View the whole catalog, and sort clips with folders and playlists.

REVIEW- Review Your Files: Play individual clips to check their color, quality, and consistency.

COLOR- Edit Color and Metadata: Apply first-pass color adjustments and add helpful metadata.

DELIVER- Deliver Your Files: Queue and export the clips as transcoded project-ready media.

More details about BulletProof will be released next week at NAB where NAB attendees will get three chances to see it in action. Also, if you want to be among the first people to use BulletProof make sure you sign up for a free beta version of it over at the Red Giant website at:

So, what are your thoughts on BulletProof? Could you see yourself making it a part of your editing workflow?

For more info about BulletProof check out the Red Giant website at:

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2 Responses to Sign Up For a Free Beta of BulletProof- a Complete Offload, Prep, and Delivery Solution for Video Footage

  1. Reba Baskett April 3, 2013 at 1:19 pm #

    I think when traveling I could defiantly use this! I don’t know about when I am home but traveling this would be awesome.

    • davesurber April 3, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

      Nice. I signed up for the beta over on their website. I imagine it will be released shortly after NAB. I’m looking forward to checking it out. I can see myself purchasing it if it’s reasonable priced and simplifies my workflow.

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