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Scoge Clothing is a local NYC designer that specializes in street wear clothing.  After recently doing a photo shoot with model Amanda, Scoge Clothing saw the photos that we shot and he contacted me about doing a promo video for him.  Being primarily a photographer, but branching out into doing more video work, I graciously accepted his offer…. And here it is!!!


Well, to be honest, there was pretty much zero preparation for this shoot.  The clothing designer had no idea of what he wanted to do for the shoot, and had no concept ideas.  So I simply presented to him the idea of a casual shoot with 2 models that could just have fun with each other.  Since he is a NYC street style designer, what better place to shoot it then on the street!  That was about all the prep work that was done.  I arranged for the designer and both models to meet me at my home and then we would go shoot around town.  You don’t always need some elaborate set up or planning.  With being a hybrid artist, sometimes it’s just about doing whatever you want to get the shot you want.


To me, shooting is always the easy part.  Especially when working with my Lumix GH3 camera.  This thing is MADE for video and is just begging for you to start recording with it.  For the video, I wanted to something a little softer then a lot of the other videos my client had.  So to make my post production work easier, I did a lot in camera.  With the touch of a few buttons on the camera and the LCD screen, I was able to reduce the saturation and raise the contrast a little to get a great start to how I wanted the video to look.  Then I took the models and simply had them walk around my neighborhood in Brooklyn.  I shot it all handheld to make it more “guerrilla” style as opposed to the smooth fluid movements of some TV shows or movies.  The only lens I used was the Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8 IS.  We also stopped so I could do some close ups and some panning shots.  Each take was no more then 10-30 seconds long.  Keeping your takes really short helps so that way when editing it later you have a lot to choose from and makes it much easier.  After about a mere 1 hour of shooting we were done!

Post Production:

This is where my skills as a videographer really suffer, as I mentioned, I am primarily a photographer.  But since I taught myself how to edit photos, I am teaching myself how to edit video.  Using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, I uploaded my video clips and started to get to work.   Cutting and pasting the clips together is very easy to do in Premiere Pro.  Once that was completed, I did a little more color rendering to get the look that I was going for.  Lastly was simply adding some music to it.


All together this little video project took me only about 3 hours.  Which to me is NO TIME!  With practice makes perfect and I definitely plan on doing a lot more videos in the near future.  So don’t let the fact that you’re a photographer stand in the way of expanding your horizons.  With cell photos doing 720 hi-def videos, it is not going to be long until every client is going to be requesting a hybrid artist to hire.  So my words of advise, start shooting video now so you don’t get left in the dust.


You can also get the Panasonic Lumix GH3 for under $1,000 now on Amazon by clicking HERE!


As always, i love hearing from everyone.  So please, leave me a comment below with any questions you have and I will be more then happy to answer them.

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Bradley Thornber is a NYC based street photographer focused on alt lifestyle photography and motion. You can often find him out late at night with smokes in one had and his GH3 in the other. His work can be found at

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