Pink MeFoto Road Trip

I have always found tripods to be a nuisance. I bought my Induro ball-head tripod a several years ago and I think I have only used it three or four times, and only out of complete necessity. It’s big and bulky and the center column is awkward and difficult to loosen. Not to mention I am always afraid of pinching my fingers.

Now that I have a Pink MeFoto RoadTrip, my feelings about tripods have changed.

My pink tripod folds up nice and tight, the plate is easy to release, and I never feel like I’m going to pinch my fingers in it! I can also quickly transform it into a monopod. Plus its bright pink, looks really cool, and matches my favorite sweater. It also fits perfectly on my backpack – I hardly notice it’s there.


MeFoto Tripod

The MeFoto RoadTrip fits perfectly on my Crumpler backpack


This tripod rocks!

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  1. mrgubrz May 19, 2014 at 10:24 pm #

    GASP i wanted the pink one! or mebbe 4 of them, and punky brewster color swap the legs all around… mebbe i can resell the redone color combos for a $20 profit for weirdos that like crazy mix match colors, too :)

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