Nov. 23, 2012 – Flickr Friday

Happy Flickr Friday!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy these sunset photos posted this week in the Small Camera Big Picture Flickr pool. Eric__ Darren Nightingale Gianluca Grossi Cris Mitchell Dan Zelazo

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Joby 3-Way Camera Strap Review

Hey everyone Jamie MacDonald here with another cool product review for you. Today we’ll be taking a quick look at the Joby 3-Way Camera Strap. Now before you say to yourself, “ANOTHER camera strap?!” Hear me out. This isn’t the typical strap that we all have some familiarity with. It isn’t the obligatory poorly designed […]

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WiFi System on GH3 – Hands on Video

Will Crockett from tests out the WiFi of the Lumix GH3- “The more I use the Lumix GH3, the more I am impressed with it. The WiFi system has plenty of features and options that are designed and functioning well for me and the type of work I shoot with it. Here’s a look at the WiFi […]

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Looking for Black Friday Deals?

When I shop for the holidays I always go to Amazon first. I’m not a big fan of crowds or malls so the idea of fighting crowds AND malls? No way. There’s some killer deals going on over at Amazon right now and more to come through the weekend. Here are some deals that stick out as a great value. […]

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Hybrid Weekend – Nov. 15th, 2012

This Hybrid Weekend was my first time using the Lumix G5. I had just got the camera and had very little time with it prior to the shoot but it was pretty straight forward and easy to use. We’re going to be covering the Lumix G5 in future posts to keep a look out for […]

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HH: RAW or JPEG? Which one when?

Both jpeg and RAW file formats are good these days, but they are very different. When is it a good idea to use RAW, when is it best to shoot in JPEG, what about shooting both at the same time? The answers depend all on you, your camera, your camera skills, and what you need […]

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Lumix GH3 Menu – A Video Walkthrough

Will Crockett from has his mitts on the highly anticipated Lumix GH3 camera this week and is exploring the crazy cool features of this camera and it’s latest firmware update. Viewers have asked to take a stroll thru the menus of this mirrorless camera to see all it offers, so Will setup a quick […]

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Where’s the Hybrid Weekend?

So sorry that the Hybrid weekend is not live yet. What should be a very simple and beautiful edit is taking forever thanks to the “upgrade” I did of Final Cut Pro X over the weekend. So with that said please accept my apologies for not delivering the Hybrid Weekend today. It should be live tomorrow and […]

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A Hybrid eProduct to Introduce myself

I want to introduce myself here at Small Camera Big Picture by sharing a Hybrid eProduct that I just finished. It’s not my first ever and it is my first with a paying portrait client. They haven’t seen it yet – that comes on Monday. I think it’s moving and even though you don’t know […]

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