On Location With Giulio Sciorio Day 1 – Studio Shoot


Giulio shooting the first talent of the day in full military gear. What a big rifle!

It’s not every day that you get to the opportunity to accompany a fellow photographer on a commercial shoot.  When the opportunity arose to fly out to Austin, TX and assist Giulio Sciorio on an advertising campaign for precision rifle maker Tracking Point.  We will be shooting a Hybrid Ad Campaign which will be incorporating stills, video, and 4k size animated gifs for the next 10 days.  We will be keeping everyone up to date when we can and I will be documenting how Giulio goes by shooting a big ad campaign like this.


The doors to the JuJu Foto Studio in downtown Austin.

For the 1st day, we were working out of the small “Ju Ju Foto Factory” in downtown Austin.  This was a nice little location which offered us a place to call home for a day.  Giulio had a white seamless backdrop set-up and we used 2 Kino Flo Panels as backdrop lights and rim lights for each of the talents.   Speaking of talents, we had 4 people in all but were shooting them in a variety of poses and different clothing changes.   For the main light we used a Quantum Omicron-4 ring light placed off axis and even setup a bounce board for some fill.  The lighting was very simple and easy, which is how Giulio likes to do it.



Giulio checking how the photograph looks from the first photo of the day.


One of the days models dressed in a Ghillie Suit. We not only shot still photos, but moving pictures too.












Giulio working with the model as Oren, of Tracking Point helps get the rifle in place.


In the 1st day of being on location with Giulio it has definitely taught me a lot about how he works.  Some of the most valuable things I picked up have been the ability to shoot fast, know the look you’re after ahead of time and how to accomplish it, and use a lot of inspiration as you’re shooting.  Half of the time, Giulio had an inspiration folder opened on his iPad Mini and was holding it in one hand while working with the talents and shooting in the other.



Giulio taking a photo of the Doc's Motor Works neon sign.

Giulio taking a photo of the Doc’s Motor Works neon sign.

Of course being on location in a new place has not  been all work and no play.  After todays shoot, Giulio and I decided to hit up Downtown Austin and take in a few of the sites and sample some of the local cuisine.  We stopped by Doc’s Motor Works, which had pretty good local cuisine, a nice open air feel to it, and an interesting game where you swing a ring and try to get it on a hook in the wall.  Trust me, both Giulio and I were probably playing this for over 10 minutes a piece with no success.


Please join us for the next couple of weeks as I continually keep you guys up to date with how this shoot is going. There is a lot of work ahead of us here in Austin, but I have no doubt it will be a lot of fun, a whole lot of knowledge, and a great insight into how a working professional commercial photographer works.  



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Steve Lynch is a Commercial Photographer working out of Los Angeles. After returning to professional photography from a year long absence he has made the decision to move away from the heavy DSLR and go completely mirrorless. As a single father of two, making this transition while keeping within a reasonable budget has been one of his greatest goals. Steve has a strong background in the entertainment industry and has been educated in Television Production & Engineering as well as being a musician and an avid technology geek. He has also worked as a photojournalist and Editor of a local online entertainment magazine. You can find him and some of his professional work over at his site www.SteveLynchPhoto.com.

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6 Responses to On Location With Giulio Sciorio Day 1 – Studio Shoot

  1. Pete May 7, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

    This is not intended to be a hater! I see no value in this article except to say it takes up space on the web! The value of understanding the shoot could have been better understood and provide value by using “hybrid” video to show the how to’s of the shoot! Now that would have been worth the price of visiting the site! I would like to see more how to’s. thank you!

    • Giulio Sciorio May 7, 2013 at 9:46 pm #

      So you don’t want to hate but you’re going to throw an insult anyway? I’m kinda confused here Pete. Steven is documenting the shoot to give insite on how one would shoot an ad campaign with a hybrid camera such as the GH3.

      The hybrid video you’re asking for is in the works but there’s a few reasons why we’re showing any how-tos or shots of the work yet.

      1 – we just finished day two of a ten day advertising shoot. Once the shoot is done the content will start to come onto SCBP.

      2 – since this shoot is a commission I can’t show anything until the client approves the picks, the finals make it through post and the client puts the work on the web first.

      3 – some of the products we’re shooting are in early prototype stage and are proprietary to the client. If we were to show in detail what we are shooting we could compromise the impact of the product launch.

      Hope this helps clear things up.


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