Nick Nacca makes lighting move with Project Ink

San Diego based photographer Nick Nacca showcases his both his lighting skills and the beauty of body art in a personal project titled Project Ink. For this project Nick animated different lighting setups for the still photographs in post combining them with traditional interviews of those who have a close connection to their body art.

I love the beauty and simplicity of this piece. It’s another reminder of how photographers should think about their hybrid projects, keeping it simple and beautiful works. Project Ink is not a post heavy piece (or at least it appears that way) and I love it for that. I think if there were loads of effects and a heavy soundtrack it would detract from the beauty of the body work and the art of the photograph.

Watch Project Ink a few times. Break it down shot by shot – is Nick editing style something you could see yourself shooting for a client? What take-aways came to you from watching this piece?

See more of Nicks work over at his portfolio site. I think you’ll dig the transitions in his gallery. Very well done Nick!

Nick Nacca Photography

via AI-AP | Motion Arts Pro

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  1. Mark Toal July 5, 2013 at 9:26 am #

    Great video, I love the subjects and unique lighting.

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