The Next Trend In Cameras Is……

B&H photo posted on twitter this weekend this amazing article from The Online Photographer:

“the next trend in cameras is going to be simplicity”

Click HERE to read the whole article.

Honest, real life perspective on things to come. To be honest, I completely agree!

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About Bradley Thornber

Bradley Thornber is a NYC based street photographer focused on alt lifestyle photography and motion. You can often find him out late at night with smokes in one had and his GH3 in the other. His work can be found at

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One Response to The Next Trend In Cameras Is……

  1. Dante D'Money (@DanteDMoney) October 9, 2013 at 10:30 am #

    I read the “new trend” story…how long has this guy been sleeping? This is nothing new, just the ongoing process of photo industry for the last 100 years. Big camera companies just making everything a little more idiot proof. Japanese camera companies this is the how they get out of bed everyday. First it was autoexposure, then autofocus….all to make so people can just point and shoot what is glorified video and then pick out the “single frame” that is to their licking….then stream it all to the web. As every moment of anything is priceless, right ? No…if this guy is wisdom. We are all seriously in danger.

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