Master Photographer Battles Torrents by Releasing Educational Videos For Free

In a bold move to fight the torrents pirating his educational videos, master photographer Marc Hauser released his epic video Bold and Simple on YouTube for FREE! The video runs about 40 minutes and gives you a rare look inside the mind of a true master.

In this no BS tell all video Marc Hauser talks about how he started off as a kid with a camera and then dives into how he lights step by step. Hauser has photographed hundred of thousands of portraits from celebrities like Michael Jordan to punk rockers with a unique look that’s all his own. Even if you are not familiar with Hauser you’ve seen his work.

Although this video talks about shooting with film the lighting techniques are the same. BTW wondering what Marc Hauser shoots with now? The GH3 which he’s preprocessed his classic look in camera, shoot’s JPEG’s and make giant prints.

I’ve personally been to his studio in Chicago and watched him shoot with the GH3. Watching a true master photographer at work in person is an amazing experience but if you’re not lucky as I was this video is the next best thing.

Via Hybrid Photo Pro on YouTube

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2 Responses to Master Photographer Battles Torrents by Releasing Educational Videos For Free

  1. Steve December 5, 2013 at 12:55 pm #

    Great Stuff. Thanks for sharing,G.

  2. Otto December 5, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    Marc Hauser is a great photographer and I’m glad he put this video up for all to learn from. It’s crazy that he’s shooting a GH3 – crazy awesome I mean. Thanks for sharing.

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