It’s in the Bag – Tamrac ZUMA Compact and Rally Micro


Left to right: Tamrac Rally Micro, Lowepro EX 160, Tamrac ZUMA Compact

Left to right: Tamrac Rally Micro, Lowepro EX 160, Tamrac ZUMA Compact

Christmas has come and gone; maybe someone in your life bought you a shiny new mirrorless camera (you lucky photographer you). Maybe you made the big leap to a smaller camera – you won’t be disappointed. In either case, you probably are now looking for a new compact bag for your compact gear we have two new options from Tamrac specifically for mirrorless cameras.

Disclosure notice: Tamrac told us that they’re noticing the increased interest from both consumers and pros in mirrorless cameras and were making the best bags specifically for mirrorless. They wanted us to try them out for ourselves and after UPS took their time getting them to us, we finally got some time to work with them.

ZUMA Compact 5720

ZUMA Compact 5720

The ZUMA Compact bag offers a great look without the bulk of similar option bags. The main compartment easily holds either a E-PL3 with an attached lens and two additional lens or a hot-shoe flash accessory.

The secondary pocket has two Velcro sealed pockets for memory cards, a battery, or anything else you may want behind a little extra waterproofing. Behind the waterproofed pockets are medium sized stow pockets that can easily fit a cellphone, a pocket sized notebook and a few pens/pencils. Lastly there’s a large zipper mesh pocket- in my set-up I use this pocket to hold a lens filter and some cables – that’s pretty spacious and offers just the right amount of flexibility.

All in all, the ZUMA Compact is a capable bag for those that need a little more room than just a standard camera case but aren’t really looking for a big bag to carry around.


Rally Micro

The Rally Micro is another Tamrac bag designed specifically for mirrorless cameras. As the name implies, the Micro’s biggest trick is keeping the size down to a minimum while still offering more space than a simple case.

The Micro has an exterior document pocket for a notebook or similar item, two side mesh pockets that can fit a smaller sized cellphone, or battery or a set of keys, and our favorite design feature – a double locked secondary pocket.

The secondary pocket’s double lock consists of plastic clip lock and Velcro lining keeping everything nice and secure. Sure it limits the ability to get in and out of your bag quickly but ultimately the bag seems clearly aimed at enthusiast photographers that may be more concerned in keeping their new, expensive camera inside the bag and away from would be thieves.

The Micro’s main compartment is an exercise in minimalist functionality – and we mean this in a good way. The compartment is separated by your standard adjustable foam divider and can very easily and comfortably fit your camera and an additional lens.

On a purely subjective point, the style of the bag left me with a little to be desired. It’s not a bad looking bag but for a stocky guy like myself, it looks a little dainty when I wear it. Again, nothing wrong per se, just a case of different strokes for different folks. For what it’s worth, my wife loved the red accent stripe and over size – she thought the ZUMA Compact was a bit too much bag for her needs.

It’s great to see that Tamrac is putting some focus on products for mirrorless cameras and both are great entries though for two very specific set of photographers. The ZUMA Compact is my personal favorite of the two we got to test and both do offer a great alternative to the much larger Lowepro EX 160 that I would lug around for casual shooting.

If you like what you see be sure to check out the ZUMA Compact here ($45 on Amazon) and the Rally Micro here ($38 on Amazon). Note: all purchases by way of the links help us maintain this site. We appreciate your continued support.

For more pictures, check out our gallery below:

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  1. Brad Calkins December 28, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

    I really like this format of bag for mirrorless. I use a Cumpler 4 Million Dollar home and it comfortably fits my OMD, 25mm, 75mm and 14mm polarizer, extention ring and spare battery. All I need for an excursion or trip!

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