Dougmon Camera Support Review

Hey it’s the Dougmon! The Dougmon is a unique camera support system for filmmakers but is it right for a Hybrid Photographer? The Dougmon was created by a fella named Doug who wanted a camera support for shooting video that was quick to setup and affordable. To a still photographer the $599 price tag might seem steep but when you consider that most quality support systems can cost thousands of dollars, the Dougmon’s price is not that much of an issue if you need the support.

Dougmon camera support

The build quality of the Dougmon is great utilizing metal and plastic where appropriate and the weight of the stabilizer is light considering the size of the device.

The Dougmon works best for long shoots where your arms might become tired like an event or wedding. For most photographers shooting simple hybrid pieces like street portraits the Dougmon might be overkill.


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  1. Doug Monroe September 30, 2013 at 11:40 pm #

    Thank you Giulio for reviewing the Dougmon! We are in process of developing several new additions and will keep you posted on those as they come to market. I encourage your readers to visit our site, for futher user videos on how to use the Dougmon system.

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