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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Movie Posters

OMG! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated movie posters are sooo next level. What an exciting addition to their printed counterparts and yet further proof that Animated Portraits are here to stay. What’s epic about these is the use of sound and vertical video finished with a nice standard animated portrait at the end. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles […]

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Upcoming Events for July

This month I’ll be in The Bay Area for three events. Space is limited so sign up to reserve your spot. Your Photos – Animated! with TWiP Thursday, July 17 7:00 PM Info and Sign up here – Urban Landscape Photowalk – San Francisco Friday, July 18 2pm Info and Signup Page – […]

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Olympus announces Anywhere Classroom – an online photography class

It’s no surprise that as photographers we love new gear, but gear alone won’t make the shot. Photography is all about learning how to manipulate light and finding ways to get your gear to “see” what you see. Though we highly encourage everyone to get out there and make some photos, Olympus is leveraging their […]

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ProShow Web iOS 2.0 Launched

The auto video editing program Pro Show Web for iOS gets upgraded to version 2.0 today. ProShow Web is auto editing app I talk about in my workshops and is the app I used to create this for Panasonic The great thing about the iOS version is that while on the go, you can upload […]

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Free Class on FCPX Online

If you were to ask me about what I use for post I’d say everything and I mean it. I use everything Adobe CC and love it. I use ProShow Web and love it. I also use FCPX and love it too. I even use Google+ for post production, iPad, iOS and lately I even […]

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Adobe Announces Lightroom Mobile for iPhone

Adobe today announced Lightroom Mobile for iPhone. The iPhone version is just like the iPad version only smaller but I did notice that it can work with RAW files via a synced Lightroom catalogue from your desktop. I guess that’s handy? I’ve been using LR Mobile on my iPad Air since it came out. It’s […]

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How a Fashion Photographer Uses the GH4 4K Footage

There’s lots of talk online about 4K footage. Some photographers have been using 4K footage for years with cameras like the Red while others (me included) have been waiting for a more affordable solution and found it in the GH4. Yet there are those that don’t understand how to use 4K footage so to help […]

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