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Transitioning from DSLR to a Mirrorless Camera

I’ve always been intrigued by mirrorless cameras but never had the opportunity to shoot with one until recently.  I have been a Nikon shooter for about eight years and, in the past, if I have spare cash I spend it on more Nikon gear. Since my DSLR is so large, I rarely carry it with […]

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Why Mirrorless?

I ditched the mirror for a mirrorless camera system two years ago. Gone was all of my Canon gear and I bought into the Panasonic G system.  I liked the video capabilities of the Panasonic but now it not just the video anymore that makes it better.  Predictions were that Micro Four Thirds and mirrorless […]

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Micro Four Thirds for Nature Photography Part 1: MFT Advantages

In this first article in the “Micro four thirds for Hybrid Nature Photography” series I want to point out some of the advantages of using smaller-format cameras for nature photography. I personally use Micro Four Thirds (MFT) cameras and lenses, but many of the tips in this series would apply to other mirrorless cameras as […]

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5 Valuable Hybrid Photography Tools for the Emerging Pro

I wanted to share my latest VLOG over at where I share my 5 favorite budget Hybrid Photography tools for the Emerging Professional Photographer and my experience with putting together a hybrid photo working kit and which tools I’ve found to be the most valuable for the way I shoot while keeping within a very tight budget. As we’ve […]

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My First Studio Shoot With Mirrorless

I recently had my first studio shoot with mirrorless.  It has been an exciting transition into the new world of mirrorless photography, and I have to say that I am LOVING IT!!!! As a versatile photographer, I do a lot of street shooting here in NYC and also do a lot of studio work. Keeping […]

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What’s in Your Wallet? Your Card Wallet That Is!

Shooting multi day sporting events means that I have to be ready for anything and super organized so that I don’t miss any of the action. Not too different from shooting weddings, corporate events or any location work. One way that I keep my work flowing without incident or accident is to have a system […]

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The Journey To My Current Camera

Not since my Nikon F3 film camera, have I liked a camera so much. I used my Nikon F3s for 20 years. (A lifetime in digital) Since 2001, I have used quite a few digital cameras when I put the beloved F3s on eBay. I was spending over a $100 a month on film and […]

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