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How gear and skill come together to create a photograph used in assignments both personal and professional.

Panasonic GH3 Magazine Front Cover - Small Camera Big Picture

Panasonic GH3 Flying High – Cover Shoot

Hi folks, I recently had one of my photos published on the front cover of a national UK flying magazine and thought it would be nice to share some details on how I took the below shot and what / why I used the awesome Panasonic GH3 for it. Why the LUMIX GH3 over a […]

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Scoge Clothing Promo Video

  Scoge Clothing is a local NYC designer that specializes in street wear clothing.  After recently doing a photo shoot with model Amanda, Scoge Clothing saw the photos that we shot and he contacted me about doing a promo video for him.  Being primarily a photographer, but branching out into doing more video work, I […]

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Katie and Justin – A Hybrid Wedding Experiment

If you circle me on Google Plus, you’ll often read about my experiments in photography. Creative experimentation for me is among the most valuable exercises as an artist that I can imagine. Experimenting allows me to grow creatively and sometimes, if I work the results into my business, finically as well. The photography world is […]

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Lacheln Studio Photoshoot

Lacheln’s studio photoshoot was an absolute TREAT!!! She is a very talented traveling model based out or Arizona and was here in New York for a few days.   Setup Set up… or more to the point, lack there of, was very simple! Panasonic Lumix GH3 Lumix 12-35 f/2.8 IS lens Lumix GH3 battery grip […]

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How It’s Made – Lumix GH3, G6 Print Ad

Ever see those ads for new camera gear in magazines and wonder how the images were made? If you have any of the latest photography magazines you’ll see a Panasonic Lumix GH3, G6 ad featuring my work. Below I detail how the ad was shot, the inspiration, gear, capture and post. Enjoy! In early April […]

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Motocross with the Olympus OMD

I took a break from shooting food and went to a motocross race where I tested shooting fast moving motorcycles, both stills and video. I brought with me the Olympus OMD and my CBG-6 backpack full of lenses.  I ended up only using two lenses for the two hours of race shooting, the Olympus 45mm […]

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Amanda Coulter Part 2 – Brooklyn Rooftop

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when the gorgeous model Amanda Coulter showed up for her Brooklyn rooftop photo shoot. Continuing my exploration into the realm of hybrid artistry I wanted to do a short but sweet video of her along with the photos we were planning on shooting. SET UP Set up… or more […]

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