Austin Advertising Shoot Recap Part 1: “Evolution of Commercial Photography”

Commercial Photography, Giulio Sciorio, Austin, Advertising CampaignAfter wrapping the hybrid advertising campaign for precision rifle maker Tracking Point in Austin, I sat down with Giulio Sciorio to talk about the 2 week photoshoot.  In Part 1 of this three part interview, Giulio talks about how the commercial photography industry is starting to change and how he is staying ahead of the curve by offering stills, video, audio, and motion graphics as a complete service.

Check back later this week for Parts 2 and Part 3 where we share more content from the shoot as well as how technology is changing the photography industry and meeting consumers demand for more involved moving content. We are also able to share some more of the behind the scenes footage I have been recording during the entire advertising campaign.

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About Steve Lynch

Steve Lynch is a Commercial Photographer working out of Los Angeles. After returning to professional photography from a year long absence he has made the decision to move away from the heavy DSLR and go completely mirrorless. As a single father of two, making this transition while keeping within a reasonable budget has been one of his greatest goals. Steve has a strong background in the entertainment industry and has been educated in Television Production & Engineering as well as being a musician and an avid technology geek. He has also worked as a photojournalist and Editor of a local online entertainment magazine. You can find him and some of his professional work over at his site

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2 Responses to Austin Advertising Shoot Recap Part 1: “Evolution of Commercial Photography”

  1. davesurber May 20, 2013 at 9:21 pm #

    Can’t wait to see the footage guys! Love how G even incorporated motion graphics into this campaign as well. I would have never thought of using the ultra high burst rate for gif creation. Very cool.

    • Steve Lynch May 21, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

      Yeah Dave it was a pretty neat idea. We had actually started just recording them in 1080 vertical, but then the idea struck to do the high burst mode for more resolution. It worked out really well!

      I’m going to do some playing around with my GH2s high burst mode now too.

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