Adobe replacing Creative Suite with Creative Cloud subscriptions?

“We believe the creative process can be better. We believe your tools can do more. Imagine fonts, files, projects and teams always in sync. Inspiration exactly when you need it. Sharing, collaborating, and publishing to anyone, everywhere. Creative Cloud will change everything.”

With this announcement on the home page of Abobe’s websiteit has.

Adobe announced it is moving to an all-subscription model, delivering only through its Creative Cloud from now on, which has many users concerned and is not very welcome to some users. The company will focus creative software development efforts on its Creative Cloud offering moving forward.

In short, at some point Adobe will no longer be providing new releases of its technology as packaged software; it will all be via subscription to Creative Cloud. You will pay either monthly or yearly and it won’t be cheap. Most individual users will pay $49.99 per month for an entire year because to get more than one app it will make sense. For them it will mean controlling the licenses, upgrades and a monthly income. Also customers will not be able to skip upgrades. It is all or nothing.  Renting one desktop app (i.e.. Photoshop) will be 19.99 per month. No longer with you be able to go to your local store and buy a copy.

I have been a user of Photoshop since version 1.0; never have I had to think about alternatives until now.  For now I will stay with CS 6, the last of the upgrades, but don’t know how much longer I will be able to use it (Editor’s note: Alan recently was needed an update to CS6 for RAW compatibility for his new GH3, it’s unclear as to how long Adobe will support similar updates on their now legacy software).  I have to admit I have been frustrated by Adobes user licensing in the past.

Below are the highlights from the Adobe website letter. Let us know how this will affect you in the comments.

“To our creative users,

At Adobe, we believe our customers are some of the most influential people in the world. You are storytellers. … For decades, building the tools that shape those stories and the world around us has been our passion. … As the world changes, so must the tools and services we use to create. This presents a unique opportunity to re-imagine the creative process.

Just under a year ago, we launched the first phase of Creative Cloud, which provided Adobe’s full set of creative applications as a membership. This first year has been more successful than we could have imagined, … Our plans for Creative Cloud are much greater than the applications themselves. Our vision is to remove friction from the creative process and make it more productive and connected. … We announced the next generation of our creative applications — with hundreds of new features — and demonstrated how the applications are deeply integrated with a host of new services within Creative Cloud.

CS is now CC, the next generation of our apps integrated with Creative Cloud. Our new CC applications, such as Photoshop® CC, Illustrator® CC, and InDesign® CC, incorporate an increasingly integrated set of creative services that let you work where and how you want and connect you to the people you collaborate with as well as the larger creative community.

It is our single highest priority to enable deep integration between our tools and services. One of the implications of this is that many of the new features in our CC applications require access to Creative Cloud, as will many of the updates we are planning for the future. …we are focusing all of our efforts on Creative Cloud.

We will continue to sell and support Adobe Creative Suite® 6 applications, and will provide bug fixes and security updates as necessary. We do not, however, have any current plans to release new versions of our CS applications.

You will continue to install and use the creative applications on your desktop just as you always have, but the apps will increasingly be part of a larger creative process centered on Creative Cloud. …we passionately believe in a more connected creative process. We understand that many of you probably have questions depending on whether you’re an individual user, part of a team, or working in a large enterprise or government organization.”

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2 Responses to Adobe replacing Creative Suite with Creative Cloud subscriptions?

  1. Brandon May 8, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    I do not like this at all. I personally think the hackers are going to be all over this making cracks so people will not pay the subscription.


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