About G 👆🏻

I’m Giulio Sciorio but my friends call me “G” and I’ve been a leader in photography since 2009. I predicted things like cinemagraphs, vertical video and am the only photographer to have been sponsored by both Olympus and Panasonic. My edgy but real conversations got me on the best photo podcasts in the world, got me on stage at CES, Imaging USA, WPPI and a few keynotes at my favorite photo conferences. I favor smaller shows like Out of Chicago and Capture Con because like you, I believe spending time learning the craft is more important than sitting in a room while someone plugs their product over and over and over.

Look, life is short and one day we’re all gonna take our last breath and die. Sometime before that, if you have a ‘come to Jesus’ with yourself spoken or otherwise I guarantee you that conversation won’t be about wishing you worked more or had the latest camera or spent more time on social media. You’ll be happy you had pushed yourself to be your best creator and you'll have the photos to document your legacy. If I do my job right, you’ll be glad you found Small Camera Big Picture.


This is #SCBP

You’re a creator that enjoys technology but favors the benefit of that tech rather than obsess over the latest incremental upgrades. You love to document life's adventures with a camera so getting the image you want on the go is important to you. Digital is your daily driver but on occasion, you burn through a few rolls of your favorite emulsion. To you, your camera is a time-machine documenting the beauty you see in everyday life. Sometimes this means getting a quick bite then spending the rest of your lunch hour documenting your surroundings or planning for that awesome workshop you got coming up. Everywhere you look you see a photograph and can’t turn that off.

You’re a creator and you’ll stop chasing light when you’re dead.

Creating beautiful photos is easier when you drop out of the rat race of social media and the marketing pressure to have the latest-and-greatest. You’re more than good enough to make beautiful photos and Small Camera Big Picture will show you how. We'll tell you when to pay attention to the latest gear, photo workshop or app but only if they're worth it. It’s time to stop watching paid ads disguised as “reviews.” You deserve better than that.

Small Camera Big Picture is a no BS guide to getting the best out of photography and the lifestyle of the modern photographic creator.

How to Support #SCBP

Supporting Small Camera Big Picture is easy. All you have to do is learn from what is posted here to be your best photographer. When you run into a tough spot, ask the community for help and when it comes to helping SCBP financially please use our affiliate links as it truly helps me continue to run the site full time. Like you, I want to spend my time creating for love and I love to create and inspire so much it’s inked on my arms. Even using my links to buy stuff that’s not related to Small Camera Big Picture helps.