A well designed shot. Dig it

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A series of oil on water shots (inc one featured in this week's Flickr Friday) along with a behind the scenes snap showing how this was captured. http://www.smallcamerabigpicture.com/january-3-2014-flickr-friday/ #m43ftw

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Since 2009, Hybrid Photography pioneer Giulio Sciorio has been blending still + motion & sound with his photography. Giulio is a Lumix Luminary, commercial photographer and founder of SmallCameraBigPicture.com - the resource for everything Hybrid. A portfolio of Giulio’s hybrid work can be found at GiulioSciorio.com.

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One Response to A well designed shot. Dig it

  1. Serge Seva January 14, 2014 at 1:22 pm #

    I first thought these were new Hubble Telescope shots :o). Well done!

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